Component Based Google Maps Web Applications Using AngularJS

By Nazar Aziz

Apr 8, '14

Here at Clevertech, we have implemented a number of GIS web applications based on Google Maps JavaScript API v3 and these series of blog posts will explore some of the architectural decisions that allowed us to simplify and abstract the Google Maps API into a re-usable set of web components.

Topics: Angular.js, Development News, big data, Google Maps

Clevertech’s CEO & President is Featured on EpicLaunch

By Clevertech

Apr 3, '14

EpicLaunch is a blog for young entrepreneurs that provide outstanding tips for advancing their entrepreneurial career.

Topics: Clevertech, Press Page / Clevertech Success, Clever Success

Custom CRM Software

By Clevertech

Mar 25, '14

Business owners know the two most basic business principles to create and manage a successful business: increase sales and decrease costs. At Clevertech our marginal utility, what makes us different from anyone else, is our knowledge to bridge sophisticated business concerns with cutting edge technology solutions that enable your businesses to operate more effectively and more efficiently. In essence - to do more with less. As an executive, you know how it feels to communicate to someone who understands your concerns and knows how to execute your vision so that your strategy is properly translated to tactics. That's what Clevertech consulting and implementation services do. If that's what you are looking for, lets set up an initial meeting.

Solving the Captcha Problem

By Bruno Bernardino

Feb 16, '14

SPAM has always been a big problem since the internet started to be widely used.

Bots (automated scripts) would insert information in the various forms that existed in most sites, trying to either spread malware or get passwords through Brute-Force attacks (like it happened in a larger scale back in April 2013 to many WordPress websites —, and basically abuse any form that could be submitted.

Topics: Development News, Agile development, Clevertech, Clever Success, Clevertech Success

Learning Docular in 5 minutes

By Pedro Sampaio

Feb 8, '14

Documentating your project is a necessary task. Documentation is as important as adding tests to your code. However, writing detailed documents or comments in your code can be a tedious task. Fortunately, there's a tool like Docular. Docular is a documentation generation tool.

Topics: Node.js, Angular.js, javascript, node, angular, Development News

Implement a better CAPTCHA in your PHP project

By Bruno Bernardino

Feb 3, '14

 CAPTCHAs are something that unfortunately became necessary to have in a lot of websites and web apps. They avoid spam and brute-force attacks, by making it extremely difficult (ideally impossible) for automated scripts (bots) to bypass them, while making it possible for humans to do so.

Topics: PHP, javascript, HTML5, Development News

Should I build a developer team or hire an outside firm? (STARTUP Q/A SERIES)

By Clevertech

Jan 26, '14

Topics: Clevertech Q&A

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